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  • Hi, I am new to WordPress and I want to transfer my Blogger blog to WordPress blog. I created a WordPress blog and installed you Plugin then run it. All Posts(900+) are successfully imported. All Comments(7000+) are also successfully imported. But when it came to Images then it got hanged after importing 50% of images that are (1421). I tried 2-3 times but always got hanged after reaching on this count. So I cant imports Links too due to not finishing this. Now I have two questions that are below.
    Q1: How to do it perfectly?
    Q2: What is “Link” importer section?

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    For the images it’s hard to know why it stops although timeouts or memory have been reported as the most common issue reported by others. Turning on debug logging might help diagnose the issue.

    The links section remaps your blogger style permalinks to wordpress style ones.
    For example your blogger permalink might be:

    But the WordPress link for the same post would be

    What the link processing part of the import does is to swap the blogger style links with wordpress style ones which means that links between your posts will work correctly.

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    I turned on debug logging and then I run the importer, When I got stuck, I checked my log file and that was full of errors. I am not able to find what is the real problem? Here I am attaching my log file so that you can understand as you own this plugin.

    My Log File: Download.txt

    Thanks for describing “Links ” briefly. Have a look in my Images issue…

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    Looking at the log there are a lot of entries referring to “PHP Strict Standards”. Basically these are coding errors but they are typically suppressed as PHP can interpret what it’s supposed to do. So to get rid of those we need to do the updates that are mentioned in your log.

    Declaration of WP_SimplePie_Blog_Item::get_id() should be compatible with SimplePie_Item::get_id($hash = false)
    Declaration of WP_SimplePie_Blog_Item::get_links() should be compatible with SimplePie_Item::get_links($rel = ‘alternate’)

    I’ve fixed these two in the dev version.

    Declaration of Blogger_Import_List_Table::prepare_items() should be compatible with WP_List_Table::prepare_items()

    This one is a bit more challenging, I thing the solution is to pass the data through in the constructor so that prepare_items can be then made parameterless.

    There are also a series of calls that are made in the incorrect context i.e. static vs instance. These will each take a bit of investigation

    method Blogger_Import::ajax_die() should be declared static or not called statically in blogger-importer.php on line 259

    method BloggerEntry::get_post_by_oldID() should be declared static or not called statically in blogger-importer-blog.php on line 218
    method CommentEntry::get_comment_by_oldID() should be declared static or not called statically in blogger-importer-blog.php on line 227

    method Blogger_Import::_log() should be declared static or not called statically in blogger-importer-blog.php on line 801/802

    There is also a mention of:

    PHP Notice: The data could not be converted to UTF-8. You MUST have either the iconv or mbstring extension installed. Upgrading to PHP 5.x (which includes iconv) is highly recommended. in /home/u420999827/public_html/wordpress/wp-includes/class-simplepie.php on line 1446

    I have had this occur during my imports but have yet to acertain why it occurs. It might be a memory issue. It is NOT the issue mentioned in the message.

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    So what to do from my side? I tried your DEV Version and it didn’t show me first two errors but third one was there. In addition it was not working smoothly, I have to reload import page again and again and then the bar loads. No animation and count or importing bar so I uninstalled it.

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    You’ve a few options.
    1) Set your config to suppress the strict errors.
    2) Wait for someone to fix the bugs
    3) Fix the bugs yourself.

    It might also be reviewing the server memory as that might be the cause of your origional issue.

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    I just used it to import post and images by reloading page again and again then uninstalled this plugin. This is the reason that’s why I skipped the images and links to be imported. I tried other plugin that only import images so in my short my all work is done but not through only one Plugin. Now you have to make a update to this Plugin that should not contain these errors so new users can use it as all in one plugin pack.

    @exeideas, I’m having a similar issue as you, where my only a small portion of my images were importing, stops and gets stuck. I’ve set the IMPORT_IMG to false to just move forward and see if I can find a different way to import the images.
    What did you use to import your images?
    Appreciate any suggestions!

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    Are you coming from Blogger? I am from Blogger so I only import Posts and Comments from this tool and you know that images are not importing. So I used “Media Tools” that work like charm with WordPress 3.9.1 with no error at all. It also set my first image as featured image. There is also a option to import post month by month. IN my personal vie, Don’t import all in one click because it can lead you to max_user_connection error. Import month by month. Its also fast and awesome.

    If you are coming from Blogger then you should also skip importing links because it will make your link new and you can loose your search engine listening. Skip importing link then there is some tweak of sec that can make you are link as Blogger and you will not loose your search engine reputation.

    @exeideas. I am coming from Blogger and I just tried your suggestion to disable import of links + images, then use Media Tools to import my images. It worked and only had errors with sponsored image links, which was fine.
    Thank you for figuring out a work around!

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