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  • I have been using the older version of wordpress for few months, but few weeks back i have upgraded it to WP v3.04. But when i started using it and uploaded the pictures, the picture is uploading without any error but not displayed in posts neither in post’s preview nor on publishing it. But when i copy and paste the pics anywhere from internet and paste in the post, then the pics are displayed in the posts. Due to this problem my blog is not going well because it is looking too dumb without pictures in posts. Here is the link to the post in which i had uploaded the pics and on publish the post did not showing the pics.

    I kindly request WP to solve my this issue as it is becoming drawback in my blog.

    Bryan Caster

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  • This is probably not a WP issue so much as it’s a user/hosting service issue. Nevertheless …

    Using Firefox + Firebug, clicking the Net tab, and then reloading indicates that you have 3 images which are returning 404, and all of them are in .../wp-content/uploads/2011/01/.

    • Are the images in that directory?
    • Is the directory readable?
    • If the images aren’t there, then what piece of code created the link into the uploads directory?
    • You mentioned moving from an older WP. Were these images/paths created before or after that move?
    • In trying to access those directories directly (i.e. I get a 404 instead of the expected 403 (Permission denied). This indicates to me that the server may not be set up correctly.


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    Also ensure that you have not enabled any hotlinking protection within your hosting account.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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