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    My website has been loading slowly so I ran a check at and my biggest problem is I need to optimise my images – “Optimize images: Optimizing the following images could reduce their size by 1.5MiB (74% reduction). “
    They suggest a 74% reduction should be possible. This would really help.
    I assumed all of the images were already optimised as I have the plugin installed, but I ran the bulk optimise anyway and it did not reduce a single image of the nearly 600. There was no saving in any of them.

    So I assume that it is not working correctly. Here is the plugin status box:
    Plugin Status
    jpegtran: OK version: Independent JPEG Group’s JPEGTRAN, version 9 13-Jan-2013
    optipng: OK version: OptiPNG version 0.7.4
    gifsicle: OK version: LCDF Gifsicle 1.70
    Graphics libraries – only need one, used for conversion, not optimization: GD: OK   Imagemagick ‘convert’: OK
    safe mode: Off  exec(): OK  file command not found on your systemnice command not found on your system (not required)
    Only need one of these: finfo: OK  getimagesize(): OK  mime_content_type(): OK

    It looks like something isn’t installed correctly – can you help with what I need to do please? I am not a strong WP user and all this techie stuff is really hard for me!


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    the ‘file’ command is no longer strictly required. What is more important is that all the tools are showing as detected. In short, your status block looks just fine.

    What I strongly suspect (and could help verify if you post a link to your website), is that it is the images within your theme that are not optimized. There are other tools available for such a task, but this plugin cannot currently process images from themes. I would look for a standalone tool that you can run on your operating system of choice (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.), download all your theme images, optimize them, and then re-upload them into your theme. There are also some online tools that you could use to process the images one at a time too (instead of using a desktop-based tool). Google is your friend on that one.

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    Should have remembered this thread myself:

    Thanks for the reply. The images listed that need to be optimised are ones included in my media library, and all shown as optimised already. Here is the site link –

    And this is where I picked up about the space I could save if I had optimised images.
    Some of the images I don’t control such as the adverts, but many are in my posts or sidebar and in my image library. I would love to be able to save close to the 46% mentioned. My page load time is so bad!

    I’d love any suggestions.

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    Please compare the actual file size on your server compared to the optimized version on It seems that they are probably optimized on the server, but since you are using AWS, the images need to be updated there. I have zero experience with AWS, so I can’t help you much there.

    I’m sorry but I don’t know what AWS is. Can you explain please?

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    looks like I spoke too quickly…
    AWS is Amazon Web Services, but upon closer inspection, it looks like just the ads you have are served from there, and your images are in the right spots, I just skimmed it too quickly. I’m still not sure what’s happening. Can you run the bulk optimize again with debugging turned on (there’s a checkbox on the EWWW IO settings page), and then post the output (the normal results + the yellow debug output) for a couple images over at

    This is the pastebin –

    I’ve picked out two images that are showing as good savings to be made by optimising by the various web speed test services, but the bulk optimise hasn’t made any savings.

    Thanks for looking into this.


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    Thought I had responded, but apparently, it never went through. I checked your images with metadata intact, and then after stripping the metadata. That’s what does the trick, and that’s what gtmetrix is doing to get that file size and see substantial savings on your images.

    OK, so I clicked on the option to

    Remove JPG metadata YES This will remove ALL metadata (EXIF and comments)

    and ran the bulk optimizer again.

    This time I got some savings across a lot of the images – thank you for the suggestion. I hope this will make my image-heavy website load a little quicker.
    I very much appreciate your help.

    version 1.6.1 – I’m getting the same – only when I tick remove meta data does the saving occur and Google page speed and web page test report the image is now lossless compressed and progressive

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    robbrad182, I’m assuming you just are posting a ‘me too’ and not actually needing any help. If you ever need assistance, post a new thread.

    I’d like to add a note here as I had similar problems and sovled them reading this read.
    The OP mentions in the first post using I also tested my pages there and not a single image was optimized, I spent days re-optimizing, re-creating thumbs, re-installing and doing the same over again too no avail.
    Then I read the OP’s next post about using so I tested my pages there and all images where optimized, and same with google speed test.
    The problem seems to be with not being able to read the optimized images.

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