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    I’m posting this because Emsi shut down the last few forums that this was being discussed in and Ben gave me a fix that says my theme is outdated but as previously stated, I checked with my theme created Tofurious and he said the problem was NOT on his end.

    I changed my theme to the basic WP theme and no pics

    I removed my plug ins and No pics

    I checked with my theme creater, he stated not on their end

    I checked with hostgator not their issue

    I reuploaded my WP no pics

    I’d have to say the issue is with WP, since I can’t do anything more to make my images come back.

    And actually if there are more then a few of us, which there are, I’d say something has to do with that update, before that.. everything was fine.

    Now my images upload at 0x0 pixels and show as grey boxes..

    So …

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  • I cannot even connect to your site at the moment. Are your hosts experiencing problems?

    nope I can connect

    Press CTRL and F5 simultaneously to update your local cache. Or try emptying your browser cache. This should ensure that your web browser fetches a fresh copy of the page rather than serving up an out-dated copy from your own cache.

    Okay.. I did that as well.. (just letting you all know what I’ve tried)

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    I can connect as well.


    – doing a Manual Update.

    – re-running the upgrade via wp-admin/upgrade.php

    After that upload images again and insert them into a post and see if they will show.

    Also check if your host meets the minimal requirements for running WordPress:

    I’ve checked with my host (see prior post)

    I’ve done 2 manual uploads via my ftp that is where those kailee images come from

    It’s a lot of work for me to upload it manually because my theme has to be reset…

    My host is hostgator

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    Did you delete your wp-includes and wp-admin folders before doing the manual upload? Sometimes that can make the difference.
    Did you re-upload and inserted images after the manual upload?

    I deleted two folders that it directed me to, the other folders I replaced info with as instructed.

    I redid several posts after that but delete them because none of them worked. kept the Kaliee one so I could show how it did not work

    Wait you are to delete the includes and content

    (8:37:19am)Omar Z.:All our servers support (i.e. are capable of running) both PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3

    This just in from my host….

    I will do the manual upload again if that assures me that my site will get fixed one way or another,,,

    Do you have access to your server’s error logs?


    I do not know what those are, so I assume I do not. I can start another chat and ask them but I had them check their side of things last week and they said it was not an error on their side and they blamed the theme. But obviously it’s not the theme since it’s been changed.

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    I just want to make clear that the images in the “Kailee | Senior Pictures | NE Ohio | Lisa Nikole” post are not just going to show after each troubleshooting step. You will have to upload/insert them after each troubleshooting step.

    Can you see the images in the media library wp-admin > Media > Libriary?

    no, all images, even the ones that can be seen on the blog pre 3.4.1 update cannot be seen, they all show as grey boxes and 0x0 pixles..

    I will again redo the upload and come back here, it will be a few moments till I can do the upload again..

    I can start another chat and ask them

    I think that would be a very good idea. Error logs can provide you with clues when something goes wrong, so access to them is extremely useful in a whole host of situations – not just this one. Many hosts do offer access to them on a per site basis.

    all images, even the ones that can be seen on the blog pre 3.4.1 update cannot be seen, they all show as grey boxes and 0x0 pixles

    Can I clarify? You are talking about the images in the Media Library here? You have no images showing there?

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