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  • They both could do it… especially w3tc… but we are going to need more info.

    w3tc literally has a tonne of settings that could cause this.

    View your source code from in the browser and see what the path to the images points to, vs. what it should be

    I set up w3tc with the cdn option, and my path was a little off, so I lost my images

    Funny thing is – I don’t have the w3tc plugin, since it stopped the sliding images from loading on the top of my page! lol.

    Darn – I deleted the plugin and the photos STILL aren’t there!

    Yeah, in your self-help post, with the missing image


    is the URL being pointed to for the image…. must be a bad setting dropping the domain name from your URL

    My bad on w3tc, I meant the other cache plugin, sorry!

    Wow, no idea.

    I just deleted the plugin altogether

    Damn plugin – not cool. That w3tc has brought me more trouble than it’s worth!

    I read w3tc for some reason, and answered appropriate to that plugin.

    Unfortunately, I have no experience with the super cache plugin, so I’m not certain what settings could bonk on that one…. or what it could leave behind (if anything) that would need cleaned up

    Same thing for the smush plugin… I haven’t used that one

    I have a dude working on it. Never again will I use that f’ing plugin.

    Both of those cache plugins are fantastic really. They can do a lot of good. But… they can be difficult to set up.

    I’ve not seen a situation like what you have though…

    And it’s hard to tell if it would be related to the cache, or the smush plugin. Since both obviously could affet images, or the URL

    It would be sweet if you could report back the issue, let future peeps know what borked

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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