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  • I have installed the plugin on my blog. I am using Postie so post via email from my iPhone 6s. That part works great. The issue is that portrait images are showing up on the blog in landscape mode. So I installed your plugin. While the posts still show the image rotated incorrectly, in the media folder I can see that in addition to the image rotate incorrectly is another copy of the image that is indeed rotated correctly. So I am confused: if the plugin is correctly rotating the image and creating a copy, why is the blog post still showing the unrotated image?

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  • Plugin Author Bishoy.A


    Hi breti,

    The plugin should not make a copy of the image, it fixes it upon uploading and saves the correct version only. Could you go to WP Admin > Media > iOS Images Fixer page and see if you find broken images there? If so you can run the script to fix them. It should however do that automatically to images upon upload.


    I have exactly the same issue as breti, and unfortunately the plugin DOES make a copy of the image. Well, actually, WordPress does.

    Forgetting the plugin for a second, if you use WordPress to edit an image and, let’s say, crop it a little. In that case you get an entirely new copy of the image, named with a bunch of digits on the end. E.g. if I started with Image1.jpg, the edited file might be Image1_e1823738946.jpg.

    This is exactly what appears to happen if you use this plugin to fix images AFTER they have been uploaded. You get a new copy. The only thing you can do is find the right image and change the link in your Postie post. Which, let’s face, it is not ideal. If you have to do that, you might as well write the post in WordPress in the first place, right?

    Not sure if it’s possible for this to be fixed (or worked around)?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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