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    I’m using Vigilance. I replaced the Header Title/Description with an image (thanks to help from this site) and it’s working fine in Chrome, but in Firefox the header image loads (broken) for a second, and then disappears. I’ve tried several ways of putting the image in the header.php file (putting it in the wrapper div, the header div, etc), and all of them work in Chrome but not in FIrefox.

    Here is one of the pages:

    (not yet fully designed, but I can’t proceed until I fix this bug).

    I’m new to this — thanks for your help.

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  • I should specify that when I say the image disappears, it’s really the entire header that disappears up into the top margin, so that the nav bar moves all the way to the top of the window.

    Thanks again.

    You are using a backslash instead of a forward slash

    should look like this.


    yours look like this:


    jclark, you saved me.

    i copied that code from somewhere, and i thought it was strange that it used the backslash — but since it worked fine in chrome, i didn’t think it was the problem.

    works now in both browsers — i really appreciate the help.

    No problem at all. Good luck with your WordPress site.

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