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    I upgraded to wordpress 4.9, and most of my elementor content disappeared…but not all of them. Only the content with entrance animations disappeared from my pages created with elementor.

    Images and text with entrance animations from elementor all dissapears after I click save and view the page live! If this is happening to you too here are your options:

    First, save all your current elementor pages as a template so that you can import them again faster once elementor has fixed the issue with wordpress 4.9 compatibility.

    1. Roll back to your version of wordpress restore your site from a back up version (I recommend All-in-one WP but you can use whichever backup program you usually use)

    2. Go to the settings of elementor–> tools—> version control. Roll back to the previous version so the it loads (many–me included–are having issues with the new editor loading) then go to the elementor editor, and remove all entrance animations one by one from each page (this method is the most tedious, but make sure you save your page with the animations as a template in the elementor library so that when this issue is fixed by elementor’s team in the future you can simply import it without having to re-do all the animation entrances).

    I love elementor, but after each and every update something always goes wrong (isn’t it suppose to be the opposite with updates. Things are suppose to get bettern not more difficult?). I hope the above helps anyone else having the same issues.

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    Same issue here. The only way to show animations and my Slider Revolution (single slide) is by refreshing the page. Thanks for the suggestion, but as you said… updates are supposed to fix bugs and make work-flow better. Also wishing for an Elementor fix so we could edit top sections without all the hassle.

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    Current Update:

    My issue is currently fixed!

    I updated the elementor plugin to the latest version which is 1.8.5, and went to elementor —> Tools —-> General —> Regenerate Files, and Sync Library. My website is now live, and currently back to normal (animations, and content showing again).

    I hope the plugin is working fine for everyone as well!

    Hi there.

    I’m having the same problem when using animation on an image or another object. I update and save the changes but the image simply vanished from the site!

    I tried the procedure above (elementor —> Tools —-> General —> Regenerate Files, and Sync Library) but it didn’t help.

    Is there a fix for this bug? Using the latest version of Elementor and WP on a basic template.

    Same pproblem on my side. People, solve this please.

    This turned out to be an .htaccess issue for me – I’m developing a site behind an HTPASS protected site where one is prompted to enter a username and password.

    For some reason, many background images from elementor were not loading. I had to attempt to directly load the URL of the image that wasn’t loading in a new tab. I was prompted for a password again for that image.

    Once I entered the user name and password to see that image, I went back to my site, and all of the images were now showing.

    So hopefully that helps for anyone using an htpass protected site with elementor, who is not seeing their images show.

    I too are having the same issue. It is really frustrating, just after rating this plugin 5 star. I will take that back. Who has found a work around?

    I’ve created several Elementor section templates and while I can see all of the text when working in the Elementor workspace, when I update to save it and preview, it is gone. Any idea what is going on? I have spent hours trying to figure it out to no avail.

    Has anyone resolved this issue? I’ve tried the above recommendations but no luck. I am also using Elementor.

    got the same issue here, on multiple websites

    Edit: i’ve found the issue, if you have multiple plugins with lazy load on. then random images will not appear when done editing. (while on editing mode you will see the image)

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    Hey, any ideas what may be causing the lazy load issue? If I use a revolution slider outside of Elementor it all loads well.

    If I use Elementor, certain images at the top of the screen in a Revolution Slider take a very long time to show up. When the images show up, they have the class “lazyloaded”. Can I disable this?

    And yes, as what others experienced, the images show up in preview mode but not on the live production site.

    My issue with Elementor, showing text and slider movement correctly in edit mode but not in live mode, turned out to be caused by the w3 total cache plugin. Once I deactivated it, Elementor functioned correctly. It may be my fault for not editing the W3 settings correctly, but I ended up using the WP Rocket plugin in its place and everything is working fine once again. WP Rocket was a bit easier to configure and offered some good explanations as to why I should or should not select a particular setting. I also watched a YouTube video on setting up WP Rocket to give me more confidence in my settings. WP Rocket has a free Cloudflare CDN network add-on that I tried and now is showing my site with a PageSpeed score of A(97%) and a YSlow score of A(93%) and Elementor is working as it should. I highly recommend the WP Rocket plugin.

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