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    I am trying to figure out why my images always mess up how my text is displayed.

    In my most recent post I added images and wanted the photo, then the text under that. But no matter if I had the image as none, left, right or center, the text always wraps around my photo’s and I just hate that look. It’s so messy.

    Can anyone tell me why this is happening and what I can do to format it properly. Is there a plugin that I am missing??

    This only happens when I am trying to write descriptions between photo’s. It always pushes the text out to the side and often it’s not aligned with the photo I put it with.

    While I am here, sometimes with images in my posts the comments/tracksbacks and so on that normally display at the end of a post, get pushed right up to the first image displayed. That also bothers me and I have no idea why it does it.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Yet another fine example of wordpress “support”.

    Boo – I have to agree, it’s a shame that so many questions go unanswered in this forum. This should be THE PLACE to get answers and support each other – it seems that those with the knowledge aren’t too happy with sharing. A shame.

    Anyway, after much digging around I think I may have an answer for you:

    When inserting or editing an image, ‘shift+alt+m’ brings up the old style insert image dialogue and this always seems to work.

    Alternatively, wrap header tags around the html img src code should also fix it (I haven’t tried this one though).

    Thanks to fizzbird, Andy C & gadget from the A4U forum for these ‘fixes’.

    Hope that helps.

    The reason many questions go unanswered is simple … how about including a link your site! Everyone here is a volunteer – do you expect them to GUESS what your problem is without even seeing your site?

    Your posts are also dated “2 days ago” which would be the weekend. So I guess everyone should suspend their lives in order to provide free support?

    Yeah – we’ll get right on that.

    Thank you Budboy, I will give those a go.

    Saurus. Shall I bump up all of my posts that DO have a link to my site that have gone unanswered for months?

    I volunteer my help at a few other sites and make no complaint about it being free support. That is after all what these forums are for. But I have not in my 7 years of internet surfing and forum part-taking, been a part of a forum that offer’s so little support. I see posts that go unanswered for months. I look for the answers I seek in the forums only to find that the original poster was unanswered MONTHS or sometimes over a year ago.

    So yeah, let’s gte right on it. because make no mistake. When I have the answers I will be offering them up to anyone that needs them. In a laungauge that people understand no less.


    Just in case someone else wants to HELP.

    God bless you – I will light a candle for you in recognition of your charitable work.

    Clue … nobody here – including the Moderators – work for the WP development team. Therefore nobody here is truly an expert on all facets of WP coding. Did it ever occur to you that some of the questions you said you have asked may not HAVE an answer the volunteers here can offer? A good number of them come from people who have had similar problems and have worked them out on their own.

    in style.css line 383


    img, .alignleft {
     padding:0 5px 5px 0;


    .alignleft {
     padding:0 5px 5px 0;

    your css is making all images float left regardless of what you did to them

    Thank you Zeniph. I really appreciate your help.

    That did work, but just for anyone that come’s here for this answer in the future.

    I changed it to…

    img.aligncenter {
    padding:0 5px 5px 0;

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