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  • Hi everyone

    My site got hacked on the weekend (great…) and there was some sort of virus put on the server (dedicated virtual) which led to MediaTemple wiping our files… A copy of the whole server was put into an “old” directory and I’ve spent a while trying to get it all up and running again. I got the site files back fairly easily and put them back into my /httpdocs and then I set up a new mySQL database (all that was gone too…) and imported the old one back in.

    So… The site connects to the database now and you can see the content, i.e. the text. However images from the site are not loading at all – even within the admin dashboard and a lot of css seems to not be appearing either. It’s interesting also that I have a few images coming in from dropbox, and they load fine! You can see what I’m talking about here: – I recently installed an SSL certificate as well as the HTTPS wordpress plugin.

    Moreover, a few times I have loaded a page and I see the correctly formatted version, I then refresh and get the skeletal stripped version. This is probably just a cache thing but I thought it was worth a mention!

    I know I might be in the wrong place for help but I’m not sure where else to turn… I would greatly appreciate some help!

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