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    This theme is rather promising and I really love a lot of the features, but as always, feel the need to customize a bit.

    I prefer the standard WP gallery layout with js-shadowbox to create the lightboxes to what the theme provides. I’ve disabled the suggested/required plugin, but shadowbox still doesn’t work (guess there is a conflict) and I’m still getting the little gallery insert above the WP thumbnail grid. How do I get rid of the gallery insert (which I don’t care for because the photos are so small on a desktop)?

    Also, any idea what might be causing the conflict with shadobox? You can see both of the problematic elements here:
    JetPack’s Carousel plugin is a fall back I can live with (even if I hate how difficult it is to close the carousel overlay out), but single image links are still screwy because the shadowbox is showing up in a weird place – at the top of the page instead of relative to the current viewport:

    Not being able to take that little gallery off is a deal breaker for me on the theme, so I’d like to figure that out before digging further into customization. Any help would be very much appreciated.


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  • Hi there!

    If you select “Standard” format for the post instead of “Gallery”, it should be gone. If you have too many gallery posts and want to remove the functionality in the theme rather, edit /inc/post-formats.php with a child theme and completely remove line 80 to 124.

    The shadowbox seem to work fine on my end, which browser are you on?



    Thanks – that took care of the little gallery. But the shadowbox isn’t working on the gallery pages (it does on the single post page):

    (just don’t laugh at my very, very old site layout/theme)

    Perhaps it’s also related to the gallery post type. I’m not using that on my current site, but wanted to on the new one. Oh well, I can fall back to the JetPack carousel if need be.


    Nice work with the customizations there, I digg the smooth green/blue tones with red-orange and the stripes!

    I see what you mean now with the shadowbox. I really have no idea there unfortunately why it wouldn’t work. Since a single image in an article worked with shadowbox there shouldn’t be a JS issue. Hm.

    Have you tried asking on the shadowbox plugin forums?



    Thanks. I’m worried it’s getting too green.

    And I haven’t asked on the shadowbox forums yet. Since I have a fallback, it’s lower on my priority list. 🙂

    One question, most of the responsive design resources I read say it’s best to start with your mobile styles in your style sheet and then build in the larger styles via the media queries and suggest all the media queries be together. Is there any particular reason your css is structured differently? (Also known as: am I doomed to fail if I try to redo the css to be structured this way.)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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