• Resolved eeeprom


    Ok I have got My site going with Subdomains. The administrator page works fine as far as image uploads go.

    Any other domains however are not working correctly.

    They upload images do upload to the blogs.dir but show up as broken. I can click in the editor button and they open up. otherwise not visible there.

    If I attach them to a page they are not showing up.

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  • Ok so, I have learned that the Admins page images are set to got to wp-content\uploads…. I can see the images in the media directory. I created an New page called Artwork and it doesn’t show up anywhere.

    I attached an image to the about page it doesn’t show up. So I changed the permalinks and the image will show up on the about page but shows up as a broken link in the media gallery.



    this is fixed



    eeeprom: could you please describe the fix to this problem. It sounds very similar to what I’m trying to fix with my multisite WordPress 3 site. Thanks for you help.

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