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  • ImageManager looks like a great plugin for WordPress 2.0, installed flawlessly and worked when WP’s native upload wouldn’t.

    Now what I would really like is being able to upload other types of documents, e.g. PDFs, any ideas? (I haven’t spotted any so far – any experienced or aspiring plugin coders/developers interested?) – especially in CMS context so users & authors can get stuff up without an FTP client.

    *DocU_Manager : Fictional name for such a plugin, great promotional potential :- )

    ImageManager i found at

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  • ImageManager is a truly professional piece of work, totally seamless.

    I think that a linkManager plugin for wp2 would be great a simplified tool like:

    If the docuManager could insert links into editor (pages/posts/cats – in wordpress) aswell as links to uploaded files such as pdf, mp3, wmv etc

    I am having a go at making my 1st plugin now, if all goes well this docuManager could be next using classes from renamer class & uploader class

    I also thought that a plugin that configures advanced setting of tiny mce would be real nice

    I would totally dig some kind of document manager. My 2 cents.

    What would also be nice is the ability to select a configurable place holder image/thumbnail for the file, which of course implementers could customize to fit with their site design

    Let us know how you get along and if there is anything you want help with.

    Now don’t be a cheapsk*te, I’m sure you can give us at least 25c worth – what about such a plugin would make you dig it even more?

    I remember seeing a site someplace where people could pool resources and when a certain threshold was reached, action was taken. So for this, if those parties interested all promised X$ towards a document manager function, I’m sure someone would take it on.

    I would pledge $10 towards the creation of such a plugin — my 10 cents.

    Except I’m sitting on the wrong side of a very nasty exchange rate with a 5 motnh old baby getting financial priority – but if one of my clients fall for it – diferent story. I’m gonna start looking at writing plugins and see if i can do anything useful.

    i’d like to see some work come out of this ideas 🙂
    i actually use Coppermine to handle this, but i find it a bit too complex for such a “small” task…

    looks like I’m going to build a seperate database to deal with this – maybe play with a WP application of the idea later when I have a bit more time and experience

    nice 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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