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    I have just updated the image zoom plugin for my site and now it does not work at all. I have tried everything to get it to work, inlcuding deactivating other plugins. I am really disapointed as I relied on the magnifying tool function to allow visitors to my site to view medium and large images on pages and posts. I see that you are no longer supporting this plugin and suggest Jetpack, but I can’t get this to recognise my site even though I also have a site login. Anyway, the carousel just looks like a likebox without the magnifier capability so it won’t work anyway. Please can you suggest another plugin which has this function as my site is now really clunky to use,I have had to just stick with the regular wordpress ‘click image to zoom’ function, taking the viewer to a new page- they then have to use the back browser button to return to the original page- very annoying.
    If not I just want a simple slider plugin where you can easily zoom into thumbnail, medium and large images without having to mess around with shortcode etc
    please help

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  • Image Zoom Update

    Hi, I have just been looking for a way to use Jetpack as a solution to my image zooming problems. I downloaded and installed this, but my web host will not allow my site to use it. They say this is due to the XMLRPC.php file which is apparently insecure…

    If anyone has any ideas about this, or a way around it I will be really grateful.
    Or any suggestions for a full screen/ large image zoom compatible with WP 3.4.1.

    Thank you

    anglepoised – You can edit your posts for about an hour after you make them. If you do not want something in the public forum, do not post it. That’s how things work 🙂

    Thanks for your reply
    I am a new member and didn’t realise that the post will be public; I clicked a link on the plugin author’s page and thought was sending a private message. That’s why I went into so much detail. I wonder if you can remove my name, that’s all really just for privacy. I honestly didn’t realise it would be viewable
    Your help will be much appreciated on this
    Thank You

    Plugin Author Sed Lex


    Errr … where do you see that I am no supporting the plugin anymore ? and where I recommended Jetpack ???

    Plugin Author Sed Lex


    If it does not work, I may have a look if you need it …

    Hi, Thanks for getting back to me,

    It came through on my WordPress dashboard, next to the plugin details- that there will no longer be any support for the Image Zoom plugin. It was working fine until I clicked ‘upgrade’then it lost all the previous functions (ie: Enlarging and maginfying detail in image files larger than the screen resolution. Also you could drag the image around with a mouse to view different sections of the image.) and behaved more like a more regular pop-up lightbox.

    Website is OK as I now have installed WP Folio which handles images slightly differently. Cheers for offering to take a look though.

    Plugin Author Sed Lex


    Ok … But are you sur it is the image zoom plugin ?

    Although it was a few months ago so quite hard to retrace my steps- I no longer have the plugin installed/use it.

    I followed the link from my dashboard that said ‘visit plugin site’ which led to your page-from there I filled out the contact form. If it doesn’t sound like your plugin from my description then maybe I somehow ended up on the wrong page ?!

    All I know is that I had a plugin that totally changed when I updated it, nothing like the original.
    Apologies if it isn’t yours after all

    I use this now: jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries and just type in a bit of code when inserting medium or large images. It’s fine but would prefer a cleaner looking lightbox style if that were available, as this one is a little clunky. A more minimal elegant design would be better..

    What does your plugin do/look like ? `

    My problem is that since updating to Sordpress ver 3.5 my zoomcapabilities have failed in both Viva Thumbnail which I have used for more than 6yrs and the Image Zoom which I thought would work appropriately. Both will zoom but as a separet page and not as a floating image on the same story page. With Image Zoom, the following appears on top when I click on “Settings”:

    “Your theme contains (i.e. in /home/upeter01/public_html/wp-content/themes/playm3nemesis/header.php file) a hardcoded reference to the jQuery javascript library.
    This reference may break the plugin. So, if the plugin does not work, please either delete this reference or move it just after the <head> declaration”

    I dont have a clue where to find this code to delete. Could anyone help me with this please or could anyone help me return to the last version of WordPress when everything worked right?

    or email me with help solutions to

    Thanks in advance,

    You may visit this website here: and compare the images zooms from two weeks ago.

    Plugin Author Sed Lex


    Have you tried the last version ?

    Indeed, WordPress modify its displaying of image by default and this induce a small bug with new inserted images.

    Please retry inserting an image and tell me if it works

    Plugin Author Sed Lex


    Ok the last version should have solved your problem
    tell me if not

    Oh, I hadnt checked the Notify me of follow-up via email link below Reply field.

    However, it is the latest version of WordPress, 3,5, that is, which is installed and I havent been prompted of a new one yet. If you can help me fix this I should be grateful to send you my user-name and password. It still doent work and it appears all other plugins I have tried arent executing either and lie dormant. Tried to deactivate them in turns but still failed.

    You mar contact me directly on my email

    Thanks a bunch for your reply.

    Hi Sed Lex,

    I am having some problems with Image Zoom as well. Running WordPress 3.5, I can download and install the plugin, but when I click to activate it I get the response “503 Service Unavailable
    The server is temporarily busy, try again later!”

    This has been going on for a couple of days and there don’t seem to be any other issues with my site.

    Have you encountered this before and, if so, is there a solution?


    Plugin Author Sed Lex


    Nope …

    Have you tried to install it manually ?

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