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    After cloning the original site and moving it over to the new site I triggered the restore. It looked successful at first but upon deeper inspection, I notice the images on the site are still pointing to images on the old server. So the moment I take the old server down the site won’t have many images loading.

    It appears to be any image references within the CSS files. I used Elementor and many of the section backgrounds and images within specific widgets use CSS to insert and control the images. Basically anywhere that uses something like background-image to set the image doesn’t get changed over.

    Any images set within the pages and posts themselves got altered to point to the correct URL but any CSS properties are still using the old domain. Is there a setting to handle this?

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    Hi @oldesalty

    It seems to be a path problem, as our plugin automatically replaces urls during migration. For example, it will replace http://mysite1.com/test.css with http://mysite2.com/ test.css.

    So, are you able to show us some of the urls of the images that are not updated?

    Also, before the restoration, did you see a radio box where you could choose to,

    1. Restore and replace the original domain (URL) with test,com(migration)
    2. Restore and keep the original domain (URL) unchanged

    If you saw it, you should choose the 1st option.

    All the best,

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    It isn’t the link to the actual CSS that was the issue, it was the URL in the actual CSS properties that weren’t changing. Thankfully Elementor has a way to rebuild its CSS files. I was able to resolve all the issues by rebuilding the CSS files. I assume your plugin doesn’t open CSS files and update URLs within them. That might be something to consider. Lucky for me, the tool I use comes with a quick way to rebuild CSS files but I am not sure if the growing number of page builders all have that feature built-in.

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    Thanks for the update.

    Now I see. Actually that is not because our plugin doesn’t open CSS files and update URLs within them. As you can see in this Elementor doc – https://elementor.com/blog/site-migration/, after migration, you will need to regenerate Elementor’s CSS files to make absolutely sure that everything is functioning properly.

    But not every page builder has such a requirement, as far as we know, currently you have to do this only with two page builders, Elementor and Oxygen.

    All the best,

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