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    Alright, I’ve seen the threads on this topic, and they just don’t seem to get to the issue.

    When I upload an image, I want to show the image full size. I’m not an idiot, I don’t need wordpress to do thumbnails, resize my images, or in any other way modify them. I just want to insert the code to show the the image at it’s actual size.

    We need a fix that will allow insertion of the img src code without adjusting the height or width attributes.

    Someone make it go away!

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  • As I’ve just noted elsewhere, if you toggle “Using Thumbnail” to “Using Original” and send the image to the editor, does this not insert the full size image, un-widthed and un-heighted?

    No, it still inserts a ‘thumbnail’ version of the ‘original size’ of the image there. You can click, then drag the image so that it’s eventually the original size….

    But what he/she wants is the original image size inserted, no ifs no buts.

    See this post:

    Are you dragging the images into your edit form, or are you selecting “Send to editor?”

    EDIT: Note that I’m attempting to verify if this is a problem in 2.0 which is (or rather, will be) fixed in 2.0.1. Just read further on in the linked-to thread…

    Same issue here. No matter which I choose, I get the same code. I’m not dragging anything anywhere.

    If I choose “Using Original” and then “Send to editor”, the code inserted is for a smaller size, not original size.

    If I choose “Using Thumbnail” the code is the exact same. The image specified is not for the thumbnail version. If I delete the width/height attributes of the inserted code I see the original (large) image size without distortion/pixellation.

    There are 2 versions of the image created in my uploads directory: image.jpg, and image.thumbnail.jpg. No matter what combination I use, I generate no “thumbnail” code. Yet the dimensions would specify otherwise.

    I get the same results regardless of OS/Browser. Is this a glitch in WP 2.0? Tell me which file to hack and I’ll fix it myself.

    Exactly, jaybarrow. Whether I click “Using Original” or “Using Thumbnail” I get code that includes a height attribute, which is set to thumbnail size. However, it is using the original image, which makes even less sense.

    My images are ready to go full size. I don’t need WP making an arbitrary size adjustment for me, and I’m not good enough to hack the code.

    Anybody that comes up with a fix that will allow insertion of a basic “img src” line for the original image without adjustment of the size will get mad-respect from me and from the dozens of other users struggling with the same thing.

    I managed a work-around:

    Save a backup copy first. Use BBEdit, TextWrangler or something that shows line numbers.

    The inline-uploading.php file edits:

    Lines 237, 238, and 242: Remove the $height_width string. Save and re-upload.

    This removes the height/width attributes of the IMG tags.

    I’m sure this isn’t compliant code but it works for me. I would rather have the correct height/width attributes in the code, but have only managed to get the original fullsize attributes. To get those, make this edit INSTEAD:

    Line 231:

    Change $image['uheight'] and $image['uwidth'] by removing the “u” character to read $image['height'] and $image['width']. And don’t edit lines 237, 238 and 242. You’ll get the fullsize height/width attributes for both thumbnails and original image.

    Thanks jaybarrow. Good hack!

    As far as I’m concerned, jay’s hack was exactly what the doctor ordered. I’m marking this thread as resolved. (For the record, the line numbers were off by two because I had already applied another fix that was posted on the track-diff thread.


    I starred a long time at inline-uploading.php and this is my hack:

    This way the correct pixel sizes are inserted for both thumbnails and original image.

    please let me know if it works for you, too!



    Thanks for your effort, preset… it seems to work well!

    Very nice! Works very well!

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but if you’re a fan of the old upload window, there’s a plugin to add it back in… You’ll find it at

    I’ve already tested it, and it works great.

    Good work. I have been struggling with this image upload function since day 1 and I always ended up doing this for every image:

    1. check the actual image dimension
    2. open html pop up
    3. enter manually the dimension

    This saves the day. I vote for this to go into the next WP revision.

    Amen. (Matt, the masses have spoken!)

    is there a way with the WP 2.0 uploader to not generate thumbnails?

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