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  • 1. Add an icon/link to Media Library in the same place on the ‘write’ screen where you have add image, video and audio.

    2. Add tab for image uploader on the dashboard. Maybe the same as “write a new page” and “write a new post”. Sometimes I want to upload an image that isn’t for a post…maybe it’s for a masthead or something in my sidebar. Right now I have to go into a write screen or seek out the image uploader.

    3. Fix this: When I upload an image and go to insert it into my post I enter the description and alignment. If I want to put a vertical or horizontal space around the image I have to click on the image icon on the write screen and insert it there. Doing that loses the info I entered when I uploade it (i.e., description, sometimes alignment setting).

    Just some thoughts on how to make things less cumbersome and more efficient. Thanks for consideration!

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  • hai lorigreenbery
    i give a new image uploading device.
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