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  • After multiple contacts from our customers on GoDaddy hosting (we sell a premium theme), it appears that GoDaddy has instituted a security policy that is actually blocking anyone uploading multiple images, and I just wanted to see if there are many others experiencing this.

    The gist of it (from what we have been told by GoDaddy) is that their security implementation blocks any IP address that makes more than 3 POST requests in 60 seconds. The IP address block appears to last for about 90 seconds. If this is true, it should be preventing anyone on their servers from uploading more than 3 images to a post at a time using WordPress’ uploader. It would also be hands-down the dumbest security policy that I’ve seen from a host as large as GoDaddy.

    Can anyone out there confirm they are having problems with multiple uploads on GoDaddy servers, or is this possibly only being implemented on a subset of their servers?

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    @wpyogi – Thanks for those links, I did search but didn’t see those. So, just to throw my 2 cents out there since the most relevant thread is closed. From what we’ve been told by GoDaddy, getting your IP address whitelisted is the only solution. They have to know that this is a terrible solution though since, as pointed out in the thread above, not everyone has a static IP address, and sometimes folks like to be able to create a blog post from their local coffee shop. This is clearly an oversight and overreaction by their server techs in response to the recent brute force attacks seen on WordPress, and could be implemented in a better way.

    We’ve called GoDaddy multiple times and have been stonewalled by their first and second tier support techs. Anyone suffering from this issue should contact GoDaddy and let them know how debilitating this policy is to anyone trying to run a blog. It seems a lot of noise may be the only thing to get their attention.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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