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  • I have recently moved from Blogger to WordPress. I am trying to upload an image to a new post.

    I click on the add image button in the new post screen. It pops up the image uploader. I specify an image (using either the Flash or Browser uploader) and upload it.

    It appears to work correctly – I get no errors, and if I try to insert into post, it adds code to my post that appears to do what it should.

    But neither the image itself or a thumbnail has been uploaded to the filesystem. I have year/month settings for my uploads, and the 2008 and 11 directories are set to permissions of 755 (I also tried 777).

    The Media Library claims there is an image there, but when I check the permalink – nothing shows up (which makes sense because there is nothing on the filesystem)

    I searched the forums but did not find anything that seemed to address this. I did see which seemed to be the same but the only comment linked to an outside URL that did not exist.

    I also saw but that did not appear to address my problem

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