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  • Hello,

    Done the forum search. Found people with similar issues, no resolution though.

    On one of my WP installs the add image uploader is not being updated to the new version (drag & drop). It works fine on all other installs. Which rules out the issue of browsers, computers. And I have tried it on 5 different browsers across 2 different OS.

    Tried changing theme.
    Tried deactivating plugins.

    If I click add image anywhere (inside post or in backend) the old version pops up but the buttons/links don’t work.

    I have re-installed WP 3.3.1. Still same thing.

    For clarity here two screenshots

    Faulty site image upload screenshot
    Working site image upload screenshot

    Again, both run the same WP version and pretty much the same handful of plugins.

    I’m no teccie at all but as a layman it looks to me that one WP installation doesn’t want to update properly to the new WP. Could that be it? And if so what do I do to change it?

    Many thanks for help

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  • Exactly Same problem is with one of my blog. I’ve dome everything but all in vain.

    I’m also having an issue. My images upload from anywhere (computer, media library, etc.) but they don’t paste into the blog post. They are stored in the media library, but that’s it.

    I’ve tried everything from de-activating plugins to caching all pages, clearing cookies on my computer. Nothing works. I can’t get any work done.


    I got it solved through my hosting company. They told me that there is a problem in folders’ permission. Permission was denied and they rectified it.

    My Site is Delhi to Kasauli and it is useless without photos. Thank God my hosting company fixed the issue.

    If the folders permissions don’t allow upload then they wouldn’t across the board would they? I can upload to the folder alright and then manually link it into the post but that’s obviously cumbersome.
    But the only way I get to have pictures inside my posts at the moment.
    It’s the WP functionality itself that doesn’t look correct. I don’t even get to accessing any folder from within WP.
    Wish I could find a solution 🙁

    Your issue is different to mine. I suggest to open another thread.

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