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  1. vincej
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I had a strange problem.
    I create a new post X
    I upload images to it, drag and drop, all is fine.
    I save and publish the post.

    Then I create a new post Y.
    I upload images to it. 7 images.
    When I view the uploaded items in the uploader window. I get another 10 images from the PREVIOUS POST X .

    REsult is Y contains 7 images, PLUS the other 10 from post X .
    I tried hard to clear caches, etc. Using Firfox 10 on Mac os X 10.5.8
    I also had trouble with deleting images from the media library.
    So I checked permissions on files, etc.
    I couldn't find anything wrong.

    So I tried downgrading to Firefox 9.0.1 again... and it works fine now.
    It also worked fine in Safari and Chrome , but with the downgrade I've got my main production browser back up and working.

    Seems to be a cache issue in Firefox.
    I did not disable or reset any plugins. just changed out the browser again.

    Strange that this cache issue is starting to show up more now.
    I also noticed, even in Firefox 9.01 that when I looked at a post and opened the image uploader, it would usually NOT show me the (gallery 12) tab. So perhaps still a problem with the image uploader too. REfresing the browser window seemed to clear up the gallery tab issue.

    Hope that helps someone else.

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