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    Hi there

    Clean install version 2.6
    I upload iamges/thumbnails without problems to any article or post, but:

    The image itself doesnt show, only the frame of the image. See this for problem:

    Thanks for any helpful feedback!

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  • Hi

    This worked!:

    Additional: A new issue in WordPress 2.6 occurs when you have a custom directory for file uploads. The upload will work, but the link/thumbnail link will be wrong and so the image won’t appear. This is a bug which can be fixed in one of two ways (either works):
    a) Specify the correct URL to the upload directory in the “optional” field just below the custom image path field.
    b) There’s a new wp-includes/functions.php which will eliminate the issue. Download it and replace your existing wp-includes/functions.php file with it.


    Awesome.. Will this file be available in the next release?

    I have attempted this fix and still have the same problem. I can select an image to upload, the file actually uploads to the site but is not shown in the post, or in the thumbnail of the media-uploader.

    I too have the same issue. I’ve found that if insert an image, and then view the HMTL code that it WordPress generates automatically, the <img src=> element is left with a url of ” instead of the path to the file. Also, my thumbnails in my media gallery are loading as blank white pages, not thumbnails.

    I facing the same problems..Did anyone find a solution?

    Still no solution? I tried all previous solutions, but image upload still doesn’t work! What happens (to me)?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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