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  • One thing I really liked about b2 was uploading an image in the current post I was typing. Is this something that Word Press has and I just missed it? If not, will it be added later? Is there a way to make it so the size of the file can be made larger? 96k is fine, but I would like to have the option of making it suit my needs.

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  • Hi Southern Gal,
    You need to enable it in b2config.php
    $use_fileupload = 1;
    make sure you set
    $fileupload_realpath = ‘/home/your/site/b2/images’;
    $fileupload_url = ‘images’; // I prefer a relative path for this.
    $fileupload_maxk = ’96’;
    Hope this helps,

    Hi Mike,
    I did do that when I set up the config. I guess I was looking for the image upload button on the post/edit screen like b2 has. Am I missing it?

    Hi southerngal,
    If $use_fileupload is 1 and your admin level is greater than or equal to $fileupload_minlevel (which is by default 1) then the button should be there underneath ‘blog this’
    I’ve just tried it and it is there for me.

    Thank you Mike! I went and checked my config file this morning, there was a 0 there. I fixed that and have the button now, yay!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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