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  • I figured this needed its own thread…

    I used this fix to make image uploads work on IE:

    Unfortunately, it didn’t help me on Firefox, where I still get the Crunching status and nothing else ever happening.

    Like I said, I can upload from IE in my XP virtual machine, but obviously I want to use Firefox on Ubuntu to do this stuff.

    Anyone find a fix for this? I hope WordPress is working on this problem, it seems like a huge one. I wish there was a “standard” way to upload them instead of the Flash popup, so we could at least have a backdoor method in the meantime.


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  • Just an FYI, I upgraded Ubuntu from Flash 9 r45 to Flash 9 f115 and the uploader works now.

    Thankyou so much for this!!!! Of course, spent many, many, many hours trying to find myself. Funny thing is I could get the flash uploader to work using firefox, but the java insert button just opens blank and hangs up the site. So now atleast with this fix I have a fully functioning 2.5(.1 as you pointed out), so far 🙂

    I’m hosting a friends site as well and thought I’d hold off on the 2.5 upgrade until I could get it working for me first…. He just wants to be able to add images and write posts, definetly not into troubleshooting website scripts.

    Thanks again. Rob!!!

    We’ve run into the same problem.

    It seems to me it’s really more of a coding issue with WP. The other stuff is all incidental…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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