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  • Yesterday I installed WordPress 2.1 in my webserver with PHP 5.2 for testing with Live Writer. If I want to publish a post with a image in it, i receive the error: “Image Upload Not Supported by Weblog”.
    In the wp-content/upload folder the image exists but has other name, so the upload seems to work.
    How do I get this to work?

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  • I just upgraded to version 2.1 (was using 2.0.7 previously) and I’m getting the same problems with Windows Live Writer. I’ve been using Live Writer to blog for nearly 6 months now and I love it. Not being able to use it right now is really killing my 2.1 experience thus far. Anyone have any luck with this?

    I upgraded to 2.1 and I didn’t have this problem with LiveWriter. Try downloading the latest version from Microsoft (note that as of Feb. 07 it’s still in beta). I also posted my $0.02 regarding LiveWriter and image uploads at

    Enjoy 🙂


    downloading the latest WLW doesn’t fix things either….I am now on 2.1.2 and the image upload is still broken.

    The solution
    worked for me.
    I posted to on wordpress 2.1.2 WLW 1.0.1(6).

    it didn’t work for me. I don’t understand how wordpress has gone this long without posting a fix to this. I was thrilled with LiveWriters’ abilities. I still use it, but am really frustrated with this image problem. Community Server still works fine with LiveWriter, through each upgrade since this problem with WordPress began.

    This should be made an issue to be rolled into either a fix/patch or rolled into the next release. LiveWEriter is the best tool I’ve seen yet , even for just text, having spell check, great styling features, WYSIWYG blog style look, etc.

    Com’on WordPress!

    LiveWEriter is the best tool I’ve seen ye

    Please remember that that’s your opinion and not everybody shares it.

    If you can give specifics as to what the issue is, I would suggest opening up a trac ticket and giving as much possible information as possible.

    Do note though that I have folks using LiveWriter on my wordpress blogs without issue. In may be something in your setup.

    I’m still using LiveWriter with WordPress. The image upload is what doesn’t work.

    what a lot of people DO share is the experience I’m having.

    Maybe also I need help locating just what it is in my setup it might be if it is indeed that……

    my error is this:
    image upload not supported by weblog

    the following images cannot be published because the weblog does not support image publishing


    I have no idea what might be telling LiveWriter that the weblog doesn’t support publishing.

    i also notice that the image and its thumbnail DO get uploaded when I look ito the /uploads/2007/05/ folder, and yet the post does not get posted and the above mentioned error occurs, and nothing is changed on the weblog.

    the image files have extremely long names.

    sometmes I get this error instead:

    invalid server response
    The response to the metaWeblog.newMediaObject method received from the weblog server was invalid.

    Hi, I’m a dev on the Writer team.

    See explanation under “Image uploading fails”. You can confirm this is the problem by resizing your “Link to – source image” to be a smaller size–if posting then succeeds, it’s almost certainly this.

    If you need further assistance and can’t find an answer here, please stop by our forum as we’re more likely to see it. Thanks.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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