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  • Im trying the new image upload feature in 2.5 and its only working in firefox. This is fine for me, but I dont want to force my users to download firefox to make posts. In IE and Opera the image uploads fine, but clicking “show” doesnt do anything. Not sure why its doing this

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  • I’m using Firefox and I can’t upload images too. I tried with Opera and the problem also appeared (slightly different).
    I need to blog :O \o/

    its an amazing new feature, Ive been posting with it in firefox, but its not going to be that useful if I have to force people to use a browser

    I can’t even find the image upload feature in 2.5. Can someone point it out to me???

    top right corner above the post box theres an image button, video, etc.

    It is also doing this for me. The multiple image upload only seems to work in Firefox it wont wont work in IE 7 for me

    Ok, then this is officially a common problem. Unless we’re all doing something wrong or dont have some type of update for Internet explorer downloaded??

    I’m having similar issues with the image uploader and I’m using Opera. I can upload images, but there is not a link that says “Insert Image into Post”. Additionally, when I click on the “Show” links to edit the details of each image in the gallery, nothing at all happens. But when I use Firefox, everything seems to be okay. Eek!

    I just fix m problem with IE and it all work now!
    go to here and download the fix from #4.

    Has anyone found a solution for it not working in IE but it is working in FF? Article linked by sfview did not address this issue.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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