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  • Ok, everyone. I’ve been using wordpress blogs for about a year, and I’ve never had an issue until now.

    Basically – on my laptop, everything works fine. I go to upload an image into a post (or a masthead – or anything I have to upload) – and it works fine. I have a cable connection, so things run smoothly and quickly.

    But now I’ve fixed my main computer (tower – I’m running Windows 7, everything updated), and I can almost never upload photos. It either times out, resets my connection, etc. (in the image uploader, for instance, it just sits on “crunching” more times than not. Now – I can throw the same file on my laptop, and it works perfectly and immediately.

    I’ve tried using the newest versions of firefox, explorer, and chrome. Same across all platforms. I’ve searched for the problem online and have tried almost everything I can think of.

    I’m at a loss – my main computer is my workhorse and I’ll be working on that 99% of the time, so transferring files to the laptop is just frustrating.

    I’ve had no other problems with internet or network on the computer. I can use dropbox, online gaming, file transfers, etc. without a hitch. All problems are linked with WordPress. (oh – I’m using the prophoto themes too).

    Any wild ideas? Also – the computer was formatted two weeks ago, so it’s pretty much a clean slate except for all the Windows updates (I’ve completed them all).

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

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  • Are the media files not uploaded at all then? Sometimes even if it sits on crunching, the file itself will be uploaded, so they may still be in your Media Library. That’s my wild idea at least.

    Hey, John – no, they aren’t in the library at all. Driving me up a wall!

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