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  • Yes, yet another media upload post but i thought if there are a lot of them we’ll see a fix soon cause right now nothing works from all the possible solutions i read.

    I was eagerly waiting for 2.5 and it seriously looks great and i love the whole arrangement but if something as vital as file uploading doesn’t work ( for many as i have noticed) then it shouldn’t have been released.

    The problem existed for me since RC1 and i have browsed the bug reporting forums and i saw that this problem was there. But a stable release ? why? You didn’t fix this major error.

    i have tried firefox, explorer , safari .Nada.
    My host meets all the requirements as i have checked. ( but i dont think it has to do with the host since 2.3.3 was just fine.)
    Each time i upload i get an HTTP error. It says there was an error and to try again later.

    Second problem: When i paste text to write post , a pop up window appears, so i paste there instead but that strips all my text from links e.t.c i hate that.

    I really hope the file uploading issue gets resolved fast.If someone figured out the problem please let me know.

    I also want to thank you for improving WP and making it better for all of us, i just wish something major like this wasnt included in a stable release.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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