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  • Hi all,

    I have been trying to upload images on 3.2.1 and they have only sometimes been successful. I hadn’t changed anything that I know of, and everything was working just fine but now when I use the Flash uploader, the following happens:

    1. The list of images to be uploaded appears
    2. The progress bar reaches 100% and pauses on “crunching” (it used to race through at about six a minute)
    3. It can pause up to two minutes then moves on to the next, the previous one just shows up as a blank space and the image is not in the gallery.
    4. Usually the entire list shows up blank and will not show in the gallery, but sometimes one or two from the list do show and can be added to posts.

    I have been searching forums for solutions now for the last two days and have tried:

    -Upgrading and re-installing WordPress
    -Upgrading the 2011 theme
    -Removing and re-installing the latest Flash
    -Disabling all plugins
    -Upgrading my theme (Adventure Journal by Contexture)
    -Removing and re-installing Firefox
    -Trying Internet Explorer

    …and probably a few things I cannot remember right now, but basically the problem persists so far.

    This has been a frustrating issue, and basically I am not overly good with code so any help would be greatly appreciated.



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  • What size are the images? This could be caused by a mod_security setting on your server. Really hard to tell without knowing your server set up.

    The images are various sizes, all under 1000 pixels in any dimension. Could it be a problem with ActiveX or DirectX?

    It sounds like a server set up issue. Can you find any consistency in the files that work and the ones that don’t?

    Have you tried using Google Chrome?

    What is the file permissions of the directory where the images are stored? Default is wp-content/uploads

    All file permissions for upload folders are 755, I just checked that. Also the files that do and don’t upload are the same. I bulk handle images and the output files are the same dimensions and are saved in a series, so yes the files that do and don’t upload are consistent.

    I’ll try Google Chrome and see what happens


    Google Chrome = no joy

    Do you have wp-admin password protected with .htaccess? Reason I ask, is that the async-upload.php file has been known to cause issues. It will need to be whitelisted, especially if you’re server is using mod_security.

    Do you have php errors turned off? I’m just wondering if it’s a memory issue. If it’s a memory issue it would return an error, but if you have error reporting turned off for php, it won’t show anything.

    Here’s Otto’s post from some time ago, but it has been updated:

    What happens when you use the Browser Uploader instead of the Flash Uploader?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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