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    Dear Forum Members,

    I have been using the new flash media uploader without a problem. However recently it has become impossible to upload single or multiple jpg files, without it freezing.

    I have tried both the browser uploader and the flash uploader and do seem have more success with the browser uploader it is still slow and does grind to a halt. I have tried to leave the uploading process for some time to see if its just slow due to connection etc but still the upload seems stuck.

    My file are all within the permitted size and do not have any unusual formats or names.

    This may have coincided with the last upgrade of WordPress but cannot be sure.

    Does anyone know why this might be happening and is it possible to upload using ftp for instance as an alternative?

    Many thanks for any help.

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  • worldview


    I have same issue. wp-admin is very slow with wp331 on twenty eleven, cannot add img via post editor or by media-add new. click on add produces blank stare.

    I’m experiencing this too. I can’t upload images of any size. They start uploading and the progress bar just freezes. Tried loading all different sizes, even images I’ve uploaded before. no luck. I’m on WordPress 3.31 and the latest Flash (as of Feb 2012) but simple uploader doesn’t work either. I can’t add anything to my sites. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve cleared my browser cache twice, cleared cookies. Help!

    Please post a new topic.

    My solution was to move from VPSnet to a new host. Everything is peachy at Linode. W3 EDGE team did expert job on the migrate and optimizing W3TC for virtual machine.

    Having the same issue. Flash uploader freezes on Crunching… Looks like it’s a major problem out there with many people – but as yet no solutions that work. Have several accounts with one hosting company and this is just an issue with one account (so far). but hosting co. not interested in figuring out what the issue is. Hope to find a working solution soon so we can all get back to work. Any help appreciated.

    I see I am not the only one having the issue. Hope to find a fix soon

    Any help sure would be appreciated…

    Bump this – every fresh (or upgraded) install with the new media uploader is crapping out at a certain (seemingly random) percentage. I’ve seen this on over 15 sites now.

    The odd thing is, some images that freeze in the upload process, CAN be uploaded by changing the file name, so:

    mypic.jpg, change to mypic-1.jpg – seems to help in some cases!

    The ‘old’ uploader no longer works at all.

    Ditto here!!! All of my client’s self-hosted sites do this. Why are images taking soooooo lonnnnng to upload now????

    I’m having the same problem. Using the multiple file uploader, it may freeze during the first photo or halfway through the group. Using the single file uploader doesn’t seem to do anything at all, no progress bar comes up, and I have not been able to upload a single photo using this method. Please help! I just started using WordPress (with a theme by Pro Photo Blogs) so I’m guessing everything I installed was up to date.

    Has anyone found a solution for this? I’m having the same issue, except I can normally upload one image at a time. However, if I try to upload more than one image, it locks up every single time. Very, very frustrating and makes creating a post with multiple images take much longer than it should.

    Has anyone had any luck resolving this issue?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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