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  • Uploading of images in the editor window gives me “errors on page”, probably when WP tries to give me feedback as to the loading status of the picture.

    The picture does upload though. I saw this as I tried to work-around the error by uploading with ftp. I saw the files already there. I figure the error occurs when WP tries to display the “thumbnail – link” options after uploading. (I extrapolate this from the previous version, 2.3.3.)

    In short: the image upload function doesn’t work properly yet. This might be a good one to fix in the next release.

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  • A pointer, maybe: In another test I see that WP returns the wrong path in the image dialogue box. It inserts “wp-admin” in the path to the picture.

    So if you setup WP to upload pictures in a special folder, like

    it transforms the path for this into

    or some similar scrambled name. Is this a bug?

    I must add this information: I tested with:

      A new installation of Word Press 2.5 (no upgrade)
      A fresh domain and website (nothing in buffers or cache)
      Internet Explorer as well as FireFox
      A new Flash plugin

    I’m having the same issues as well. I can upload images fine, but if I try to view them through Media Library, I get errors and it does nothing. I can’t insert uploaded images because of this error.

    I see that I made a little mistake in a path in a previous post in this thread. The path to the pictures gets only a “wp-admin” inserted, relative to the proper path I declared in the set up. Not the entire URL.

    I did enter the entire URL for pictures in the miscellaneous settings in the admin dashboard. Maybe that makes a difference, but I have had no time to test that. I figure the WP developers will squash this bug eventually.

    But all this doesn’t have to result in not uploading images. FTP is a workaround, and in the editor window the picture shows up al right if you insert the proper path in the dialogue. (image button in the editor; image URL). I used to do this all the time before I figured out that there was an upload service available at all.

    I often, though not always, have uploads freeze during “crunching” and then nothing happens.

    Also, sometimes when uploads freeze and I exit out of the upload process, I lose all the images that were in the gallery, even if they were uploaded during a previous session.

    Image uploads is seriously broken.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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