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  • Running 2.0.1 on 2003 server. Everything works (has been working actually) accept upload for posts or pages. I can click on browse, choose the image, and click on upload. The image is uploaded to the wp-content/uploads folder and the thumbnail is created, but the post.php page never updates with the image to add to the editor. Postie works if that makes a difference. I was getting the process time exceeded in cache.php line 344 error when trying to upload. I found a hint about adding define(‘DISABLE_CACHE’, true); to config.php. That made the error not appear, but didnt fix the problem. On post.php I only ever see the upload tab in the upload section. Any ideas?

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  • I could be all wet here, but I think/guess that WP needs the GD graphics lib as part of the upload processing.

    Yer soaked. 🙂 The images are uploaded and the thumbs are being generated just fine. But that information is never making it back to post.php

    Drat! Well, I guess that’s been changed since I was on IIS (WP 1.5.something-or-other).

    Grab 2.0.2 and see if anything’s improved?

    But that information is never making it back to post.php

    It is not supposed to – at least not automatically. You have to “send to editor”. Click on the image in the Browse section and see the displayed menu.

    The image never appears in the browse section. The upload section never updates with the uploaded image.

    Not to be rude or anthing… this is not user error. I have WP working on 2 other linux machines. I know how to use the UI. Again .. I can browse to the local image, click on upload, and if I check wp-content/uploads the image is there with its corresponding thumbnail. But the UI in post.php for write page or write post never shows the image. I only ever get one tab (upload) the browse tab never appears after upload.

    I’ve got this same problem, running WordPress 2.02 on a Windows 2003 server running IIS, exactly how buzzkill describes it.

    I’ve the same problem too.

    I’ve found that no record will be created in the “post” database.
    All works fine on win 2000 server. Please help 🙁

    UP, no solution to this issue?

    I reported this same issue regarding the wordpress mu and allowed another wp mu user to visit the server hosting account via ftp and they said they corrected that issue with a change to the htaccess. All examples you have reported were the same.
    I don’t know what was changed in the htacess file

    Jean Andre VAllery
    Sarasota Florida

    I’ve found the solution right now!!!!
    It’s the strict mode enabled in mySQL 5.
    I’ve unchecked this option and now all works fine.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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