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  • I am convinced that WP developers don’t care about image uploading from external editors like Ecto. If you ever use Ecto, you’ll never go back to writing posts in a web browser ever again, I’ve read everything there is to read on the subject, and I still can’t find a way to upload images via Ecto to a directory outside of my WP install, which is in /wp, not the usual document root as for most people.

    I am running WP 2.1.2, which is not even an option in the version selector, someone fix that please.

    I want images in /images like they were in the WP 2.0.* series, the hack is here:

    I will ignore for the moment how WP now does all sorts of unnecessary changes to the db, problems with dashes being converted to underscores and a lot of stuff that us external blog editor users find annoying.

    My simple question is this- what do I have to edit in functions.php (is this still the right file?) so that I can post outside the WP install directory via Ecto? This should be simple to fix, I just don’t know enough PHP and path stuff to figure it out.

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  • I too am looking for a solution similar to the above topic. What we have now no longer works. I want to install my upload folder outside off the wordpress directory. Thoughts?

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