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  • I’m testing the nightly build from 4/21/04. I like that it will auto create a thumbnail if you tell it. But the resulting page gives no information about the thumbnail. All you get is a message saying it was successful and here is the code for the image. I’d like to have a few more options:

    1. Give code for thumbnail image.
    2. Include the width and height of the images in the img tag code that is displayed for both image and thumbnail.
    3. Maybe ability to customize the thumbnail prefix/suffix.
    4. Options like in MT, to create a new entry and embed image or create popup link to image (displaying or not displaying the thumbnail).

    These would make the separate upload page more user friendly. If not, I prefer the old method of uploading an image from the entry page and having the upload page popup.

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  • I totally agree-
    I was just working on points 1-3 but ran into some trouble on step one.
    I feel like it should be a very easy fixI had a little trouble finding the code that generates the name of the thumbnail. Can anyone direct me to that file and area? I personally think those suggestions are great but I bet the developers probably have bigger fish to fry.
    Also, it would be nice if the code returned and error if you tried to thumnail a gif. I know now that you can’t thumb a gif because of the php function used to generate the thumbs, but it would be nice if you got a warning about that.

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    The function that creates the thumbnails is named wp_create_thumbnail() and it is located in wp-admin/admin-functions.php.

    you can’t thumb a gif? i never realized that!

    I agree with Rayne – if I ask for a thumbnail I’d expect the display HTML code to include code to display the thumbnail and a link to the full image.
    thumbnail code ++

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