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  • If I upload an image (640x429px), select it “Using original” and send to editor, it’s resized to width=”128″ height=”91″

    What is necessary to stop this behavior so that the image appears in it’s original size? the src=”” is not pointing to the thumbnail, but the actual image. The desired behavior would be full size (if I wanted a thumbnail, I would choose one).

    While I’m at it, where’s the pref to set the upload dir to something other than ./wp-content/upload?

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  • On the former part: it was pointed out before among the testers and should (hopefully) be fixed.

    On the latter part: you can’t change it as far as I can tell unless you delve into the source. Is /uploads not good enough? It keeps things quite organised but difficult to locate if you haven’t the right tools.

    I’d rather it be in another directory outside of wp-content, like the rest of my images are, so I don’t have 2 directories.

    I like to keep things as clean as possible.

    Sensible…. wp shouldn’t be making decisions like that for people really…. Everyone’s preferences are different when it comes to file storage.

    I agree with it as a *default*, but don’t think things like that should be hardcoded. Especially in the case of legacy users.

    What would be uber-cool is if when I used my old directory, it detected and added those images. It could even use the timestamp from the filesystem. Would be an interesting patch (or possibly a plugin, I dunno, haven’t touched the WP API in a while, and even then it was brief).

    It should also be possible to use a variable as the path to an image, so it could be adjusted without changing the posts.

    For any plugin authors reading this post.

    /sorry for double post.

    Loooks like this didn’t get fixed for 2.0

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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