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  1. tomsen
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I encountered the following issue after my wordpress site has been tampered with and I subsequently upgraded to 2.3.3, restoring content from a backup (all of this makes it relatively hard to track down what specifically caused the issue:

    In the Write new Post Panel of the Administration Panel the 'Browse All' selection doesn't show me all images, but just those uploaded after the upgrade.
    - no thumbnails or placeholder at all show up, as if the database doesn't know about the images
    - the images show up fine in all posts on the site itself, old and new
    - I tried to search the mysql database for differences which cause the issue, but with no result. Entries were existing for both the older and newer uploads. I am not very skilled with mysql though. If it helps I can post the relevant table data.

    Thank you for your help - Thomas

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