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  • A few questions here guys, and any assistance with any of them would be greatly appreciated.

    Identifying Images In Posts
    At the moment I am using the “Get Post Image” plugin to identify the images embedded in a post. Are there any good alternatives that anyone is aware of?

    Getting Thumbnail URLs
    The plugin I referred to above, gives me the details of the thumbnail used in the post (which tends to be the smallest one auto-generated by WordPress). WordPress names the thumbnails as “[FILENAME]-[HEIGHT]x[WIDTH].[EXT]“. Unless the aspect ratio of your uploaded image is the same as that of your requested thumbnail dimensions, or you have the thumbnailer cropping to fit, the height and width will not be the same as your settings.
    So, how can I find the image called “textImage-300×125.jpg” considering that my thumbnail settings may be “300” and “150”?
    I reckon it would be great if the tuple which records the image uploads also included the filenames for the auto-generated files, as this would make finding them and/or deleting them so much easier.

    Generating More Thumbnails
    I know that WordPress 2.6.1 creates two thumbnails automatically when you upload an image. But what if you want to create more? I am happy to try and construct a plugin to do this, but does anyone know what/if there is an action triggered when you upload an image, so that I could connect any function I create to that action?

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