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    Hello, I have an odd probably simple problem that I just can’t seem to get figured out. The site is here: This is a scratch built theme by me that I’ve used similar variations of on many other sites and never ran into this problem.

    The text on the home page wraps around the image of the deer perfectly fine in Chrome and Safari, but it doesn’t in Firefox or IE?? I do have the required css in my style sheet. It usually goes off without a hitch.. not sure why this one isn’t working? I’d love to just blame it on IE as that’s usually the culprit, but it’s Firefox too…

    Thanks much for any help or advice..

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  • esmi


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    Start by sorting out the markup errors. Then move onto the CSS errors.

    Yeah, it’s pretty hacked together isn’t it! I am aware of that…
    I generally always do validate all the sites I build. This was one of those “can this be done yesterday” kind of requests. Was hoping for a quick fix just to appease the owners till I can get to fixing all the errors :/

    Thanks for the tip, you’re right, perhaps I should just get to the grunt work sooner rather than later…

    100% valid markup, 100% valid CSS… always feels good when that part’s done. Cleaning house also fixed my issue. Thanks again for the push 🙂



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    No problem 🙂

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