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  • Hey all,

    I just set up WP 2.1 and have been playing around with images in posts.

    I am using the standard (Kubrick) theme.

    Here’s the thing: when I use the visual editor and change the image attributes using the in-page pop-up, it works fine, but places align=”left” or align=”right”, etc. in the html code (although for some reason, borders do not show in the final post, but that’s a minor thing).

    But when I look at style.css, it says to use class=”alighright” or class=”alignleft”, and not align. Problem is, when I add this within the <img /> tag, and save, it disappears from the code!

    Can someone tell me the best (futureproof) way of hendling text flow around images, and point out what I’m missing here?

    Using firefox 2.0.


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