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  1. Xenomorph
    Posted 10 years ago #

    i recently signed up for Vox. the way it works with and handles images is great.

    you go to one page to easily upload some images. they are displayed then in a gallery.

    when you are making a post, you can easily embed some of the images directly from the gallery.

    i see there are many, many Image and image gallery plugins for WordPress - but which ones are the best? which work like on other sites?

    i saw one plugin that shows a gallery and lets you insert pictures from your Flickr account, but i have so many pictures already saved on the server my page is at.

    right now, i've been uploading the pictures with CuteFTP, and then manually adding the <img> tags to posts in WordPress to embed the images. i'd like things to work as nicely as it does in Vox.

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