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    Hi there!

    Firstly thank you for your plugin- we’re looking forward to using it across a lot of sites! We wanted to try out before suggesting to our clients to go the Pro version and had a query beforehand.

    I’ve been struggling with getting the overlay to display on the image and I’m wondering if there is something I might have missed maybe?

    I’ve read the documentation and have combined the overlay with a per-page list item (Insert below the content) and have inspected using the dev tools and can only see the source inserted below the content, but no overlay source on image.

    I’ve tried on a couple of sites and tried changing themes to see if it’s a conflict, and have also deactivated all plugins except Image Source Control Lite, but the overlay is still not appearing on either sites when doing this.

    I am using version 2.21.0. We aren’t using block options, just the media library. The images in question are in a <img> tag and not a background-image.

    Any advice would be really appreciated please 🙂 Happy to send a link privately or any more information if it helps. I’m currently working locally but have a staging site that I can share with you.

    Many thanks in advance,


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  • Plugin Author Thomas M


    Hi Kim,

    thanks for reaching out and for preparing such a detailed briefing!

    Unless, you didn’t enable the overlay option in the settings, there is nothing else that comes to mind that you didn’t already cover in your email.

    Since it is a pre-sale question, you can send me a link to the test site through https://imagesourcecontrol.com/support/.


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