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  • Hello! I am new to CSS and php, so sorry for the noob question!

    I am using the theme called “minimalist” by Joey Robinson to build up my personal site, and am having issues with vertical spacing in my footer image. I created the image with Photoshop, and used slices to create rollover links.

    I pasted the html code created by Photoshop for the sliced image into the theme’s PHP Footer file. The image is linked correctly, rollovers work and the order of the sliced image seems correct (the image is lined up using an html table). The only problem is in the vertical alignement of the images that have links. There seems to be a 3 pixel vertical padding that I can’t get rid of… here is a link:

    any way I could fix this?? The image and table work fine in an HTML page….

    I would be glad to post more of the code if need be, but am not sure where to start!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • I am having the same 3 pixel issue. It only happens in FF, and only when using a flash embed plugin.

    when i test with a same-sized placeholder image, it doesn’t produce the 3 pixel gap at the bottom.

    i had the problem in my initial plain html dev site too with a typical swf embed chunk of code, and i solved the problem by wrapping the embed tag in an un-styled div tag. But since i’m having to use a plugin for WP, wrapping a div around the code isn’t doing anything.

    this is the plugin i’m using, but i don’t really think it’s the culprit:

    WP Voyager


    I tried doing essentially the same thing with another theme. The problem is that most themes have some sort of CSS classes set up for the default rendering of the <table> tags (and other related elements)

    You can read more about this problem here:

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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