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  • I’ve been adding images from the server to the media library but it only gives me the option to have them at full size. I need the options to also allow me to use thumb nail and medium size images.
    It’s probably a really dumb question but why are the thumbnail and medium size options for the image not selectable. When i upload the image to the server i upload it in full size, thumbnail size and medium size so why is it i can’t select the other sizes.

    What am i missing?
    Please help ASAP!!

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  • You should only be uploading the image once, in full size, and let WordPress parse the file 🙂 It autogenerates the medium and thumbs on the upload, see.

    oh why doesn’t mine do that? I upload it and it only uploads the one file at whatever size i put it. I noticed other people online had mentioned theirs automatically resizes it but mine doesn’t. I don’t know why.
    (i’m very new to this)

    oh i don’t upload them straight to wordpress. I upload them to the server. then from the server i add them to the media library. Is this why it doesn’t resize it because i’m not using their normal upload tool?
    How could i make the thumbnail and medium image size options available to me.

    then from the server i add them to the media library.

    How are you doing that?

    Really, you should use the built in uploader:

    Try it out 🙂 I suspect it’ll work better.

    theres a tab when adding images that says from server. I select the image i want and click add to media library.

    I dont think i can add images using the uploader in the actual program. WordPress isn’t installed on my computer. The it guy who set up the site has all the word press folders and i just use our sever to store all the times and edit them. So when i try to upload straight to wordpress it comes up with errors saying missing such and such folder etc. So it doesn’t work uploading straight from my computer.

    is there anyway to stop it from create 3~4 different image? or maybe just control the size of create? thank you

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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