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  • Dear Support,

    In the plugin settings, it’s confusing with the following options:

    Woocommerce thumbnail – 247x?
    Woocommerce single – 510x?
    Woocommerce gallery thumbnail – 100×100
    Shop catalog – 247x?
    Shop single – 510x?
    Shop thumbnail – 100×100

    What’s the difference between them? Especially between Woocommerce and Shop?

    Woocommerce thumbnail – 247x and Shop thumbnail – 100×100 ?
    I do know what “Woocommerce thumbnail – 247x ” means. But how about the Shop selection above?

    Second issue:
    I bulk imported some products (less than 150) with a default picture for all of them. Seems that your plugin considered the same Product Image I set in the csv file (as a path to the same image url) as a different image for each product, and hence I lost my 500 free points. I was going to get a Pro membership, But this big doesn’t encourage me anymore. I hope that you will fix it in the next version so that I can be able to evaluate it.

    Thank you!

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    Thank you for reaching out to us! The image sizes shown in the plugin settings are all the sizes that exist in your WordPress installation, which is independent of and not managed by this plugin — they are simply displayed there. If you are not using some of the listed image sizes you can safely uncheck them and then that size will not be compressed.

    Regarding your second issue, it will depend on what you used to bulk import your products, is that another plugin?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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    Hi Team,

    Thank you for your reply!

    So regarding my first question, those sizes I have are related to my WP Installation/Theme options. I will check that with my WP theme provider.

    Regarding the second issue, I just used the native Woocommerce import. Which is basically putting the URL of the same image for all the products. Your plugin calculated those as multiple as I explained in my first post while they are all set to use the same image (same image URL).

    Thank you!

    Plugin Author TinyPNG


    I am not certain how the Woocommerce import works, but this plugin will simply compress each new image that appears in the Media Library. If the Woocommerce import process actually downloads 150 separate copies of the image URL in your csv file and uploads them to the Media Library then yes, the plugin will compress each image.

    How does your Media Library and/or your actual images stored on the server look? Are there 150 copies of the same placeholder image?

    Hi Again,

    No, It’s one single Photo. Woocommerce using Image URL (Unique) to bulk import products with their photo. So it’s one photo and it seems your plugin tried to resize it multiple times. Strange right?

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    That is strange indeed, can you perhaps send the CSV file you used to import your products to our support email? Then I can take a look and see if I can reproduce it.

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