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  • I am trying to use this plugin to solve a problem I have with my Mailchimp RSS feed email. Currently, in Outlook only, the featured image sits awkwardly inline with the text, with no padding, rather than above it as it should. I’ve been experimenting with this plug as a way to force images to align properly in Outlook.

    However the featured images in my blog ( are usually horizontal shaped and around 250 pixels in width. When resized larger by the plugin using the Mailchimp setting, they become too low-res. I can’t use the square thumbnail setting either as the images are not square.

    None of the selectable image sizes in the blog are suitable. I’m pretty constrained with the images I can use, most of them are logos, which are not available square, or in larger sizes.

    Is there a workaround for this, bearing in mind I am not a coder and have not built an HTML template for this, but rely on a pre-made Mailchimp one?

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  • Plugin Author Robin Cornett


    You should be able to select any of the sizes (other than thumbnail) and use that. The plugin does not make images larger, and only uses whatever image file and size WordPress provides (so if you upload an image that is 250px wide and your plugin setting is to use the large image, your image will still only be 250px wide).

    What I suspect is happening is that you’ve checked a MailChimp setting which is supposed to help resolve issues with larger images, but which is blowing up the smaller images. Check the plugin FAQ, specifically the “Note for [new] MailChimp users:”.

    I’ve loaded your feed into a test MailChimp campaign and your latest post image is properly sized and centered, with a margin below it of 20px. If your image sizes vary, but you generally want that image size in your emails, I would recommend picking the Medium image size for the plugin setting.

    Hope that helps–

    It does, thank you. I’ve changed to the medium image size as suggested, I had initially not chosen that one as it said 300×300 so I thought it would force the image into a square shape.

    It’s worth noting that the image problems I was having were only appearing in Outlook – the content of the email in Outlook looked totally different to other email clients like Gmail.

    I have checked the Mailchimp settings but I am not actually creating an RSS email, I’m creating a normal one with the Mailchimp *|FEEDBLOCK|* code in it, so the option to check or uncheck “Resize RSS feed images to fit template” doesn’t appear. Perhaps the resizing option is embedded automatically into standard campaigns when you use RSS feeds in them.

    Thanks very much for your help!

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