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  • Is there a way to remove image sizes from the uploader. I just uploaded an image and it made 7 new images from that one picture. In my functions.php I have this

    set_post_thumbnail_size(183, 91, true );
    	add_image_size('half_slider', 522, 274);
    	add_image_size('page_featured_image', 590, 293);
    	add_image_size('post_featured_image', 183, 91);
    	add_image_size('full_slider', 959, 274);

    those are the only image sizes I need. I don’t know why wordpress is creating a whole bunch of new sizes.

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  • Moderator cubecolour


    Do the other sizes match those set for Thumbnail, Medium & Large in Settings -> Media?

    I show three image sizes in the uploader

    150×150 small
    300×85 medium
    large does not display the size
    959×274 full size

    yet in the uploads folder, I have

    959×274, 150×150, 183×52, 183×91, 300×85, 522×149, 590×168

    I dont’ know why there is 300×85. Where is it being told to generate that size?

    Moderator Kathryn


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    As cubecolour said, go into Settings -> Media and under Image Sizes you’ll see where the the thumbnail, medium & large sizes are coming from. If you erase the height & widths of the sizes you don’t need, WordPress won’t auto-generate those sizes.

    okay. I deleted those values and put in 0. It still resizes the image the wrong size. I figured that setting the image size with add_image_size would have set the sizes. There has got to be a way to set the default small medium and large size

    other plugins you install may include an add_image_size() call so that the image sizing gets handled by wordpress. The best way I found to identify these was using grepWin (or grep on unix machines) to search the plugins folder for add_image_size. Then you can decide if the plugin is worth keeping, removing or potentially removing the add_image_size() and replacing the eventual get_the_post_thumbnail() call with one that re-sizes on the fly. Remember you are trading processing time for disk space, if you have a lot of traffic the server-side resizing can cause a slow-down.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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