• Hi!

    On my current site, http://beatricebp.com, when I add media to a post, the only available size is “full size”, even if I have specified sizes in “settings > media”. This is a Child Theme of Bueno (WooThemes).

    I am building a new site (currently hidden) using Canvas by WooThemes and I now see all sizes (thumbnail, medium, large, full size) when uploading new media – but the numbers don’t match the numbers I’ve written in “settings > media”.

    I know Canvas is not a supported theme on this forum but since the trouble seems to happen with two themes, I am thinking maybe the problem is outside of the theme? Can anyone help? Google is not being very helpful.


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  • Chris Olbekson


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    Hi beatricepb,

    Image resizing is not theme dependent. I do know Woothemes does or did at one time include there own custom image uploader but it piggybacked off the WordPress code so I don’t think it has anything to do with your theme. Are the 2 different sites on the same hosting or server environment? Image resizing relies on either the GD or Imagmagick PHP libraries. Normally they are included when PHP is installed but many times they are also left out and not getting resized images is the result.

    Another check you can do is to look inside the media folder and see if there are multiple sizes of images. You should normally see imagename.jpg then you hive imagename-150×150.jpg etc… If the resized images are there but not being displayed when you insert an image then the problem is theme or plugin related. Hope this helps and you should be able to get your web host to help getting the correct libraries installed.

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