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  • Hi, I am new to wordpress 🙂 I would like to use the featured image option on one of my pages but when I upload an image and click the set as featured image option it does one of two things, either cuts parts of the image or shows the image small (not taking over the entire width of the area) can anyone help please? I would also like the featured image to show up at the top of the page (before the content) rather than at the middle.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Euro,

    Do you have a link to the page so I can take a look for you?

    Thanks, I don’t currently have it activated, I will go activate it now, it will be on the page called cars.

    Can you see it? I am new to this too and cant see it even thought I have used the option above to insert it 🙁

    Yes let me take a look for you

    Which image is your featured image? Also note when selecting Set Featured Image make sure its not Thumbnail, Medium or Large make sure you select Full Size Image. Then we can use CSS to size the image

    I only just did it (refresh and look again please, its in the middle), my featured images are all the main image from the posts on the sales page which I would rather have on the cars page than what I have done temp, sorry don’t know anything about CSS.

    Ah then I’m not sure I can fix this for you, at the minute I see 4 large care images in gallery form. Then your featured post box that is working correctly but is cut short because of the gallery to the left. Ideally you either want rid of the gallery or the Featured posts beneath the gallery.

    Its not a gallery, I just upload images into the page, I will put the featured post box on the home page so you can see what I mean, I am using the full size image but it still does not use the full width of the featured post box.

    All I have done is swap the page templates for the two pages, leaving the option for the featured post box activated.

    Thats because your image size is only 273px x 183px. However I can see the Title box is taking up quite abit of room so we would need to change the css of the box to pull the image in then give the images a class and tell it to make the images full width. Do you have know css knowledge whatsoever? Even if I gave you the code?

    Sorry, none at all, I have been doing all this with help videos on youtube and the forums here. I can give you temp admin access if you don’t mind sorting it for me? What would be the best image size that I would need to upload to make it work perfect and how that I have above the page content?

    J, its OK if you do not want to do it for me, please for the instructions/advice and I will figure it out. thanks

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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