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  • Hi Anders and all,

    First – Thanks for such a great theme! I really appreciate it.

    I am experiencing a problem where some or many of my images are missing the image size dropdown box in the right hand edit pane. These can then appear stuck as scaled down full-size images for example. It can affect say 4 or 5 images in a 10 image post – or 30 images in a 90 image post – usually the images appearing later in the post.

    It is difficult for me to troubleshoot and I don’t know if it is wordpress or theme related, or something else. Here is what I have tried and some information I have discovered:

    Regenerate image sizes plugin does not fix it.

    Revert to twentynineteen theme does not fix it, although i did not observe a recurrence of the problem (only tried about 5 images though and I get problems on posts with many images).

    Disable all plugins did not help.

    I determined that if I go to classic editor, it lets me set the images to “large” in there – then if I go back to block editor, it says there is an issue. I hit resolve, then convert to block, and the image sizes drop-down has magically reappeared. Unfortunately this is not necessarily a permanent fix.

    Some more info:

    In wordpress settings>media>

    thumbnail = 150×150
    medium = 300×225
    large = 1024×1024

    The theme has a custom size called “Post Image” = 900 x 9999. This is not normally shown in Gutenburg image sizes drop down.

    For a given example image, in Gutenburg, the Image Sizes drop down does the following:

    thumbnail = 150×150
    medium = 300×225
    large = 1024 x 768
    full size = 4608 x 3456

    If I flip over to classic editor, the image sizes options give this:

    thumbnail = 150×150
    medium = 300×225
    large = 629×472 (this is the Lovecraft “Post-Image” SIZE!)
    full size = 4608×3456
    custom size = 1024 x 768 (this should be the large size!)

    If I take an image where the Image Size drop down has RECENTLY re-disappeared (since I last went through and did my “classic editor>large>gutenburg>resolve>make block” workaround in Gutenburg), I can verify it has dimensions 1024×768 in the remaining dimensions boxes, and the SRC points to 1024×768. I then flip to classic editor and it shows as Custom Size 1024×768 (and the Large size option gives 629×472).

    If I take an OK image, and add the code to my function.php to show the “post-image” in the Gutenburg drop-down, I can confirm the Post-Image size in Gutenburg is for 629×472.

    Checking the uploads folder I have files auto generated by wordpress for the following:

    88×88 (theme custom thumb size)
    150×150 (default thumb)
    300×225 (medium)
    900×675 (Post-Image)
    1024×768 (large)
    1280×960 (theme cover image)

    I hope this makes more sense to somebody than it does to me. All help will be greatly appreciated.



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