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  • Resolved spike210957


    Images from modern cameras can often be in excess of 5k pixels in any one dimension.

    This creates a problem in the rating form. Even if I specify a maximum 30% shrink on the rating form I still get some images which are too big and scroll bars appear.

    I can obviously reduce the max sizes on the webform but if people get an error message that their image is too large it may well put them of uploading anything.

    Am I missing something? It would be ideal if the webform could scale down large images during the upload but I don’t see any options for that.

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  • Plugin Author Josie Stauffer


    I’d love to be able to add every feature people ask for, but I simply don’t have the time or the energy.

    When I started writing this plugin, it was felt that browsers could not be trusted to do a good enough job on resizing the image. Nowadays, they probably can be, so the ability to allow the browser to shrink the image to a limited extent was added recently. But it’s still possible to create artefacts in an image when downsizing, so it’s always safest to let the photographer do the job themselves.

    Also, resizing on the server could potentially cause problems for clubs without the best hosting plans, and uploading a larger image than is required could cause issues for users with less than the best internet service. I think it’s also still true that not all hosting providers would automatically have software available to do a good job on the resizing.

    But things change all the time, and I gather it may now be possible, with the right browser, to do the resizing on the user’s machine before the upload. That would be ideal, if it could be done to a good enough quality. So I’ll put that on my list to look into further if and when I can find the time.

    Thanks Josie

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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